PTFE Sheets
PTFE Industries knows the importance of having material on hand for jobs that require immediate attention; therefore PTFE Industries carries a line of virgin and mechanical PTFE sheets for our valued customers. 

When you need virgin and mechanical PTFE sheets and you need them quickly give PTFE Industries a call.  In most cases we can ship the same day or have it available for pick up. 

 48" x 48" 60" x 60"       Virgin       Mechanical 
1/32" X X X
1/16" X X X
3/32" X X X
1/8" X X X
3/16" X X X
1/4" X X X
1/2" X X
3/4" X X  
1" X X  
1.25” X X  
1.50” X X  
3” X X  
4” X X