Plastic Machining

PTFE Industries is eager to machine your custom component to your exact specifications using our CNC mills and CNC lathes. Let our experts help you at all stages of your development from prototype to complete production runs.

PTFE Industries adheres to ISO 9001 Standards. For this reason, our services are a perfect fit for fields requiring exact specifications such as oil and gas, aerospace, and semiconductor industries. Our quality systems ensure your parts will meet or exceed your requirements. PTFE Industries has highly experienced personnel to take your drawings and convert them into the finished product that adhere to the tight tolerances expected and required for your critical needs. 

• Oil & Gas – Seats, seals, connectors, bushings, bearings, contact blocks, cavity fillers, sleeves, sensor holders 

• Pumps and Valves – Manifolds, seats, seals, wear pads, inserts, sight glasses, disc valves 

• Aerospace – Bushings, ring seals, spacers, valve adapters, valve housings, nozzles 

• Semiconductor and Electronics – CMP rings, wafer chucks, covers, manifolds, catch cups, terminal boards